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    Users can get vehicle reports using the VIN decoder. Since 1981, the system has accepted all 17-digit VINs. Simply enter your VIN in the appropriate field and select "Decode VIN" to get started with VW VIN Decoder. The vehicle report should include the following information: Vehicle specifications Market value Parts specifications Defects and recalls Safety assessment Sales statistics Ownership cost A checklist to verify current warranties and registration history.

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    The use of this designation is supported by most countries in the world and all major manufacturers. The VIN code identifies any vehicle manufactured in any country over the past 30 years.


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      Some vehicles will have the VIN on different parts of the body. It can be found at the bottom of the pillar next to the front passenger seat (Skoda Seat). You can also find it near the door hinges (Audi) or on the firewall (BMW Volvo).


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        The desire to hide VIN lookup from a prominent place appeared for a reason. The fact is that many car thieves, knowing the VIN number, can get the immobilizer code from the alarm. This allows you to make an electronic key and start the engine. Therefore, the owners prefer to hide the number for security purposes.