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Cryptocurrency and blockchain, recommended BINT Protocol

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  • Cryptocurrency and blockchain, recommended BINT Protocol

    If you ask me the question like, “what is the world’s best performing currency?” I would answer it is crypto-currency and virtual currency Bitcoin. This currency is completely decentralized and it is not run by the authorities of the country. It is managed by the network.

    Bitcoin was created to enable people to do transactions such as sending and receiving financial assets without third party like banks and the governments. Without any intermediaries, we will no longer pay the fee, 10 to 20% just to send money to another country.

    Banks and governments will no longer be centralized which means that they are not capturing all the information and data about us. Blockchain is not centralized which means that information is shared across the users so no hackers would ever attack.

    For now the potential of blockchain technology might seem endless and maybe in the next decades, blockchain will be emerged as an innovative technology in the era of the fourth industrial revolution and we will use blockchain-based technology and platforms without even realizing it.

    If you are interested in investing or even just learning about development of blockchain I can recommend you BINT Protocol, which is the company that goes public officially in December this year. BINT Protocol can offer the fully decentralized and secure environment and a platform in order to build APIs which is it can transfer and receive data with the blockchain network built by the users.

    If you would like to know more about it, go check it out :

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