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  • Blockchain Commentary for trader People

    Blockchain and basic systems that describe its origin, its professionals who do not feel comfortable enough to understand it. Of course, you can’t understand the outline of the blockchain, because it’s a technique that draws attention to people around the world.

    It supports fintech itself in it.

    The origin of this blockchain in the bitcoin era, which is one of its main techniques, as it supports bitcoin. The maker of bitcoin, it was built by Satoshi Nakamoto. They were of the opinion that as bitcoin became widely popular, its key technology would be applied to other blockchain applications as well. It is drawing all attention to it in areas such as financial, distribution, and contracts.

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    Specifically, these include people who recognize the same application of bitcoin, and only value the blockchain, Blockchain, which is the idea of “Satoshi Nakamoto”, will be unique to its support for bitcoin. You will need to understand this strongly.

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