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Introducing the future of digital collectibles and digital ownership.

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  • Introducing the future of digital collectibles and digital ownership.

    We believe Decentralized collectibles will fuel a new type of craze within the blockchain community opening up avenues for traditional gamers/trading card collectors to expand their future ideas on blockchain in games. BTCM Dapps. BTCM offers a growing selection of rare and interesting blockchain Collectible assets that can be traded like a traditional Cryptocurrency coin. BTCM assets are built using the Ethereum network using the ERC -1155 smart contract standard. All BTCM assets are digitally backed to Enjin Coin, This allows the assets to gain value from multiple scenarios including, Enjin Coin Value Increase, and the premium you sell and trade. Come check out the new Decentralized shop. All assets are instantly deposited into your Enjin wallet address ready to be stored and traded directly from your wallet. Do you want to earn instead of spending? Create a referral link from the rewards section, complete some simple tasks, and get sharing. Why not create your own blockchain asset to share with friends, family, or business purposes. BTCM asset factory Input your desired specification for a Cryptocurrency asset and we will bring it to life. Drawing your design and listing to the Enjin Platform ready to be shared with the world. Come check out Bitcoin Monkey and our growing community today. SasqSwap Exchange

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    Although this site looks great, i think a important thing that cryptocurrency websites need to have is making their clients feel secured and i must say that this site doesn't give me that feeling. Currently I'm using MintMe to manage my accounts and to create token, you should take notes of their style