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Fostering Inclusion Through The Blockchain

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  • Fostering Inclusion Through The Blockchain

    At a time when we face division across political, socio economic and racial lines, blockchain technology has the potential to become a great equaliser. By definition, it supersedes national borders, language, race and even bias. While there has been rapid growth along with much curiosity and hype, what economists and technologists both concede, is that the most successful blockchain ventures will be those that offer a true utility, where a community exchanges authentic value.

    Focused on value through utility and community, PolySwarm is the first blockchain startup giving security experts the ability to compete to solve worldwide security threats. The platform works by recruiting talent through meritocracy, building anti-malware engines that compete to offer protection. Think Bitcoin, but instead of mining, a global community of anti-malware specialists converge and work together to efficiently detect today’s threats.

    The cybersecurity market size is expected to grow from $137.85 billion in 2017, to $231.94 billion in 2022. An average of 4,000 ransomware attacks took place per day in 2016, four times more than the previous year.

    PolySwarm addresses the growing market need by providing a decentralized, distributed marketplace that anyone can participate in, regardless of the biases we find in the workplace related to background, sex, disability and race. In essence, developers and security experts can be located anywhere internationally. Bounties are given for the successful identification and neutralizing of cyber security and malware threats, meaning specialists actually get paid for their work.

    Steve Bassi, PolySwarm’s Founder and CEO, had spent his formative years as a hacker, combatting breaches of cyber security. After 20 years in the industry, Bassi knew he wanted to create a blockchain solution to global threats that was truly inclusive of talent from all backgrounds.

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