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GK8 - Government-Grade Digital Asset Management System

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  • GK8 - Government-Grade Digital Asset Management System

    GK8 is a cybersecurity company that offers a high-security custodian technology for managing and safeguarding digital assets. The technology allows financial institutions to execute the entire digital assets management process, including sending transactions to the blockchain, without the need for an Internet connection.

    The Company is led and backed by industry thought leaders.

    The Safest Environment to Manage Digital Assets

    GK8 On-premises hardware and software system utilizes advanced proprietary cryptography techniques with military-grade physical protection.

    The digital-asset management solution combines cold wallet insulated from inbound communication with an ultra-secure, proprietary MPC wallet for automated transactions.

    System Design

    GK8’s proprietary innovations in cryptographic algorithms underlie of our deep cold-wallet infrastructure, which also enables hot-wallet functionality, without an in-bound network connection and thus eliminating cyber-attack vulnerabilities.

    Simplify Risk Management

    GK8’s system supports institutions׳ need for asset accessibility and provides easy-to use compliance and control tools.
    • Availability

      24/7 on-the-spot withdrawals
    • Automatic

      Automatic reconciliation and balancing
    • Disaster Recovery

      Back ups and redundancy
      including private-key backup
    • Advanced Authentication

      Password, Biometric, GEO location
    • Governance

    The Highest Standards for Physical Protection:
    • Air-gapped, with no direct or indirect connection to the Internet
    • HSM, including tamper-responsive protection
    • GK8’s staff never handle the customers' private key
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