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Coinbase Data Leak?

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  • Coinbase Data Leak?

    Users of the Coinbase crypto-exchange are closing their accounts in connection with the recent acquisition of the startup platform Neutrino, whose employees are found to be former members of the Hacking Team, which has previously sold software to monitor citizens and organizations.

    Seeking to justify the acquisition of Neutrino, Cristina Sandler, head of sales for Coinbase, in an interview with the portal Cheddar, confirmed that the previous service provider was selling user data:

    "It was important for us to get away from our current suppliers. They sold customer data to external sources and we needed to get control of this and use proprietary technology that we could use to secure data and protect our customers," she said.

    Although this explanation may serve as an additional argument in favor of buying Neutrino, the leakage of users' personal data causes even more negative feedback from the community.

    What exactly was sold by the previous provider has yet to be determined, but given that all clients of the exchange must follow detailed KYC identification procedures, such events can have dangerous consequences for users.

    Cionbase technology provider —KYT (Know Your Transaction) and analytics firm Elliptic, which monitors blockchain transactions and track suspected illicit activities, which could be defined as money laundering or terrorist financing, rushed to deny allegations for user’s data collection and its selling to third parties for financial gain. Such deed also another Coinbase supplier, Chainalysis in an official statement, published in their blog post on March 5.

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    I think its fake news! There are no possibilities for leaking digital data. Coinbase is currently one of the biggest, most trusted, and transparent cryptocurrency banks/brokers in the world.
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