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ZAGG Protocol™Partners with Leading Blockchain Remittance Company ANIKO

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  • ZAGG Protocol™Partners with Leading Blockchain Remittance Company ANIKO

    Making another invigorating move towards disrupting the Gifts, Benefits, Rewards and Loyalty (GBRL) industry, ZAGG Protocol has embarked a partnership with Aniko, a blockchain remittance company that seeks to improve financial inclusion and optimize cross-border payments.

    The mobile wallet solution that Aniko offers will enable ZAGG Protocol to further their endeavours as they develop their platform to enable seamless transaction of GBRL programs, empowering consumers to make the most of their reward points and benefits.

    This partnership will forge an important part of the mobile money industry, wherein online businesses are aggressively competing for customers, putting ZAGG Protocol and Aniko in an advantageous position as they explore blockchain technology and develop their respective platforms to provide access to e-commerce, P2P payments, bill payments, and exchange of benefits between merchants & consumers.

    While Aniko offers the community a mobile wallet solution which is cheaper, faster and more convenient, ZAGG Protocol offers consumers a chance to exchange assets, enabling them to transfer points, rewards and vouchers from one merchant to another and even from one user to another. This ensures that the GBRL industry which has been previously running at a major loss, laying off $45 billion worth of gift cards and $160 billion loyalty points in the last few years, will suddenly see a surge in their usage.

    With the unraveling of this platform, ZAGG Protocol aims to restructure the industry bringing about a revolutionary change in the customer engagement and retention sector.