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  • Introducing BIGFOOT FINANCE

    Mythical NFT Monster that lives on #BSC
    A fair launch AMM yield aggregator farm and staking pools , a DeFI platform on Binance Smart Chain to optimize yields across Defi space

    Save ’em from long walks in the wild by farming $FOOT Tokens.
    Give them a home and be frens! Sasquatch $FOOT

    Bigfoot is a legend. Bigfoot isn’t real. But some people still think that he is.
    This elusive, possibly fictitious animal goes by a number of different names — Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yowie, Skunk Ape, Yayali ,Yeti.

    But now ..Behold! Bigfoot now lives in the #BSC Blockchain!
    Help us tame him this wild Beast by Farming the BIGFOOT Pools!

    A large creature much like a man but imbued with special powers and characteristics.

    A fairer launch and more efficient AMM yield farming and staking pools DeFI platform on Binance Smart Chain forked from Pancakeswap. The dedicated and focused BIGFOOT Team has extensive experience in DEFI protocols for many years now and now has focused on developing low controlled Token emission for sustainable yeild farming and strategies supporting a vast number bigtime Defi protocols .

    That is, low emission rate at 0.1 FOOT per blocks this is as shy as the Legend itself. It will be hard to mine FOOT tokens to generate yield but you can get a higher multiplier when your farm and stake LP token in FOOT- BUSD pool.
    Don’t worry BIGFOOT won’t be harmed by the mining process.

    Our Bigfoot is friendly that he let’s you farm and stake on the Pools with BTC , ETH, WBNB and ADA and more will added by our BIG Community. He has a lot more to offer from Amm Dex ,Yield Aggregator protocol and NFTs. Wow Sasquatch!
    Watch out for BIGFOOT FINANCE NFT Drops .

    FARMING POOL Block :
    Countdown :

    Contract Address: 0x70219E2c64F32517d4271f74445757BF7eC91AD2
    MasterChef: 0xA25496Bb70AaDa5765bace2709cdf835c0456745
    Buy/Burn Fee Receiver Wallet:0x59883c8dc3E24580198bd44c2B3A97B9B5D05DB8
    50% of all deposit fees go to buy back and burn FOOT and Staking Pools
    Dev Team Wallet: 0x74CbE33b006D2E8833038bfdc520025f8D609d5a
    BlockChain: Binance Smart Chain
    Token Emission Rate: Reward per block — 0.1 FOOT
    Total Daily Emissions: 2880 $FOOT Tokens
    Token Distribution: Farmers get 0.1 BIGFOOT rewards per block,
    FOOT Farming Pools: Max 4% Deposit Fee
    Pancakeswap LP Tokens
    FOOT-BUSD 40x | FOOT-BNB 20x| USDT-BUSD 6x
    BUSD-BNB 2x | BTCB-BNB 2x | ETH-BNB 2x
    CAKE-BNB 2x