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Trainers Blockchain/ Python/ Data Science/ AI/ ML/ Full Stack/ AR/ VR

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  • Trainers Blockchain/ Python/ Data Science/ AI/ ML/ Full Stack/ AR/ VR

    Job Description

    • Candidate should have minimum 1-2 yrs Industry Experience
      • Should have depth knowledge of Blockchain, Python, Data Analytics,Machine Learning,Deep Learning,R and NLP Text, Full Stack Developer (Front End & Backend),AR/ VR
      • Candidate should have minimum 1yr experience in Training
      • Candidate should have Good Communication Skills
      • Should be able to handle End to End Training - Course Content Preparation, Material Preparation, Interview Questions, Mock Interviews, Live Projects Explanation etc.
      • Should have experience in giving training through online Platform i.e Skype,Webinars, GoTo Meeting etc.
      • Strong background in one or more of: Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Recommendation Systems, Pattern Recognition, Large Scale Data Mining or Artificial Intelligence
      • Strong experience using one of the following open-source frameworks: TensorFlow, MXNet, Theano, Keras, Jupyter and Caffe
      • Strong hands-on coding expertise with C/C++, Python, Scala, Lua, MATLAB, or any proficient AI language of choice
      • A mathematical, statistical, and probability inclination and deep understanding of AI concepts
      • Assisting IT Professionals on Python & AI & ML queries
      • Responsible for training on different domains or specialised domains
      • Freshers & Interns can also apply
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