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Blockchain Developer - Distributed Ledger Implementation

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  • Blockchain Developer - Distributed Ledger Implementation

    Job Description

    • Blockchain Developer - Distributed Ledger Implementation (3-8 yrs)

      - Responsible for researching, understanding and evaluating various block chain and distributed ledger implementations.

      - Responsible for setting up requisite environment to build permission less, permissioned ledgers adopting organizations risk and compliance policies.

      - Responsible for working with business teams and market research COE to evaluate technology feasibility of business deals.

      - Responsible for designing and developing block chain based working prototypes at an agile manner for chosen use cases.

      - Understand block chain and related distributed ledger protocols.

      - Understand core cryptographic concepts, ECDSA, SHA256, secure public /private key generation, digital signatures.

      - Understand block chain tokens, smart contracts, cryptocurrency, colored / fiat coins. Ability to be completely hands-on with public block chain implementations, Ethereum, Multi Chain, hyper ledger, etc.