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ConsenSys Dubai - Introduction to Tokenization - What is tokenization?

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  • ConsenSys Dubai - Introduction to Tokenization - What is tokenization?

    What is tokenization on blockchain and how can it benefit businesses?

    In blockchain, a token is a digital representation of a unit of value, including digital assets or digital representations of real-world assets.

    This digitization of value enabled through blockchains unlocks opportunities for enterprises. For example, the traditional financial system is in many ways less fast, fluid and flexible than the internet. By tokenizing value, businesses gain the capacities for secure, scalable and fast asset transfer across borders, fractionalized ownership of real-world assets, tokenized micro-economies, and accountable, transparent governance systems. This webinar will introduce the concepts behind what it means to use a blockchain to tokenize.
    Date: 19th September 2019

    Time: 5pm - 7pm


    ConsenSys Dubai Office
    Dubai Design District, Building 5 Office B-207, Floor 2
    Dubai - United Arab Emirates

    Registration and event details: