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Blockchain of Things - Easily Build Bitcoin Blockchain Apps

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  • Blockchain of Things - Easily Build Bitcoin Blockchain Apps

    Blockchain of Things' Catenis software provides easy to use tools to build applications that leverage the capabilities of the bitcoin blockchain.

    A complete 2nd layer solution with useful
    drag-n-drop tools for non-developers and developers alike

    By engineers
    Made by a passionate group of bitcoin enthusiasts and engineers who care about what you achieve. That’s why the Catenis platform is exciting and easy for even non-engineers to create powerful experiences.

    Uniquely powerful
    Using 2nd layer technology and the bitcoin blockchain we created APIs, drag and drop tools and powerful WordPress widgets, which changes the way you integrate your existing apps and create new ones.

    Extremely cost effective
    Build prototypes and test your solutions in real-time. No need for expensive coders. Easily assemble your apps or if you are a developer, use the language of your choice. No need to hire expensive engineers.

    Harness the unprecedented power of Catenis Flow. Build smart contracts, watch towers, issue tokens, send decentralized messages, log documents, music and movies of any size, all with code-free workflow assembly. After assembled and tested, single click deployments produce clean Node.js code that can be used in any application.

    With Catenis API client plugin for WordPress you can quickly build apps with bitcoin blockchain capabilities. Using only JavaScript snippets you’ll have connectivity in minutes. With the Catenis Javascript plugin for WordPress the power of the bitcoin blockchain is now made easy for app based interfaces. Today 35% of the Internet uses WordPress and it powers 75+ million sites and apps. Now you can easily integrate WordPress with the bitcoin blockchain.

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