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How to set up bitcoin trading exchange website?

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  • How to set up bitcoin trading exchange website?

    The most asked questions in 2018 are can I build bitcoin exchange trading website instantly?. I also searched for this one. Here, I want to share my review about the bitcoin exchange PHP script given by Note that the technical specifications of the script can be modified with the user needs I don't share that here. But before that, everyone should keep the following things in mind.
    The primary factors needed for this trading platform development is to use secure registration for all the users who sign up on the platform. The KYC verification should be done in order to verify the customer’s eligibility criteria and to avoid anti-money laundering. Payments gateway is the way the users are going to deposit their money in form of digital assets, so it should be very secure. Also, the fund deposit module is mandatory for the exchange platform to avoid the mishandling of bitcoins. In order to streamline your exchange with tons of users, the transaction history is wanted by the users to check their transaction details frequently. The company can do all the basic setup for you, for example, installing the script on your server and adding the features in the website to run the platform.
    They have been giving the white label script so that there is no worrying about your brand, logo, and design. Anyone can add the private label to the website with unique ones. powers some excellent features and I have listed some of them.
    • Order book
    • liquidity
    • Atomic swaps
    • Multi-signature wallet
    • P2P exchange
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