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Where can I get the best STO services?

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  • Where can I get the best STO services?

    STOs are built to increase investor trust for investing in any cryptocurrency project. Since ICO’s are being used for pump & dump schemes, STO is the expected alternative. STO stands for Security Token Offering, these digitized assets are financial securities that are Securities and exchange commision (SEC) regulations compliant.

    STOs provide investors with financial rights such as equity, dividends, profit share rights, buy-back rights and much more. All these rights are written in smart contracts and the underlying tokens that are traded on the blockchain.

    Types of STO:
    • Equity STO
    • Reserve assets STO
    • Debt STO

    Features of STOs:
    • Programmable Equity
    • Fractionalization of larger assets
    • Increase in liquidity
    • SEC Compliant
    • Secure Wallet
    • Global Capital Investment
    • Greater Market Efficiency
    • No Intermediaries
    • Own Blockchain

    Some of STOs benefits:
    • Dividends from the investments will be automatically transferred to the investor’s wallet. The wallets are secured on the blockchain with cryptography.
    • Security tokens offer token holders voting rights, similar to shareholders. They can vote in company decisions, hence ensuring complete transparency.
    • Company profits can be shared with the token holders in the form of tokens, that are directly deposited into their wallet.
    • The shares can be bought back by the company from the investors at the market price. This helps the company re-absorb part of the ownership previously distributed amongst investors.
    • Smart contracts make cash flow per share immutable. The company can be transparent about its earnings with its investors.
    • Security tokens can be deposited into a fund or with a custodian service who can handle the funds in an efficient way.

    Blockchain App Factory, the leading STO service provider in the market offers businesses precise solutions to take their venture public via STO. They would help them legally raise funds from international accredited investors.

    They offer the following steps to help start your STO:
    • Tokenization of Equity, Reserve Asset, or Debt
    • Creation of Owner’s Manual for Your Investors
    • Development of Tokens on a Ethereum Platform or Your Own Blockchain
    • Dividend Structure Issuance through a Smart Contract
    • Investor Appropriation based on the compliances of Target Countries
    • Investor Dashboard with KYC/AML and Dividend Issuance
    • STO owners dashboard with Compliance Engine
    • Incorporation in a Country relevant to your Venture
    • Marketing and Fundraising

    All this and more. For more information contact Blockchain App Factory.