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Ready-made P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Like Localbitcoins [FREE DEMO]

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  • Ready-made P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Like Localbitcoins [FREE DEMO]

    Most crypto traders prefer peer-to–peer crypto exchanges. It offer high security and do not require third parties to complete the transaction. Peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchanges are in high demand and will continue to grow. LocalBitcoins is a p2p crypto-exchange that many entrepreneurs and startups are interested in starting. Entrepreneurs and startups are eager to create a p2p cryptocurrency exchange such as LocalBitcoins. A localbitcoins clone script is the simplest and most efficient way to create a crypto exchange like localbitcoins.

    Localbitcoins Clone Script - What?

    Localbitcoins Clone Script is a pre-developed, peer-to-peer, cryptocurrency exchange software. These scripts have the same advanced features and security options as the LocalBitcoins Exchange. LocalBitcoins Clone Scripts can be used to create a cryptocurrency exchange such as LocalBitcoins. It takes just 10 days to get one like that. The cost is much lower than other methods of creating crypto exchanges.

    Benefits of launching a crypto exchange like Localbitcoins

    P2P Crypto Exchange Platform - Open Source, No Third Party Interference

    Instant Buy and Sell of Bitcoins - Faster, easier transaction of bitcoin

    Ads-based Trading - Advertisements can be posted based on the exchange or trade of users

    Multi-language Support - The exchange platform can support multiple languages so that anyone around the globe can access them.

    Multiple cryptocurrency support: Supports more 200+ cryptocurrencies in exchange platform.

    Escrow security - It is an additional security protocol which acts as an intermediary during the transaction for improved security.

    Data statistics – This tool provides you with real-time data stats that can be used to aid crypto enthusiasts in keeping track of the cryptocurrency markets.

    Multiple trading options – Margin trading, OTC trading are some of the trading options.

    Modifiable features - The features can be modified to fit the business needs.

    Features of Localbitcoins Clone Script

    Secure Escrow management
    OTC trading
    Margin Trading
    Integrated chatbox
    No tampering
    Staking cryptocurrencies
    Token listing

    These are the main reasons that many crypto startups prefer to use this method for starting a cryptocurrency trading platform like localbitcoins. It is important to make sure the Localbitcoins Clone script has all the essential features that a typical localbitcoins trader needs. These are the important features to include in your localbitcoins clone script.

    Where to get the Localbitcoins clone script?

    I've done extensive research to help you find a reliable clone script provider. This was based on the advice of several blockchain and business experts. My analysis led me to Clarisco Solutions. Clarisco has a team of professional blockchain developers who answered all my questions. They have completed more than 100+ crypto projects for clients and were very satisfied with their work.They will help you to launch your crypto exchange platform like localbitcoins with localbitcoins clone script with all of the business specifications.

    Book a free demo of LocalBitcoins Clone Script

    Reach their experts instantly via

    Whatsapp: +91 84388 36619

    Telegram: Clarisco Solutions

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    Localbitcoins clone script is an exact replication of the localbitcoins exchange. So this clone script consists of all kinds of security features & services that Localbitcoins possesses. To be more clear about the security mechanism, the localbitcoins clone script is powered with the unbreakable technology - The escrow system.

    Escrow is generally a very secure process and also a service that owns the name unbreachable. In the case of the localbitcoins clone script, this escrow is the primary security feature among the other security functions. Since the script has inbuilt security functions like Escrow and more, so undoubtedly, this script is safe & secure for trading as well as it avoids all fraudulent activities.

    Apart from the security features, the entrepreneurs with the plan of starting a p2p crypto exchange are also supposed to know about the other specs of localbitcoins clone script like how it works, what are the features & services, etc,. By knowing all the aspects of the Localbitcoins clone script, you can have complete knowledge about this script before beginning a p2p crypto exchange business.


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              Localbitcoins clone script is a p2p crypto exchange platform like LocalBitcoins. Localbitcoins clone script replicates the functionalities and features of LocalBitcoins. Users can easily trade, buy and sell bitcoins from the platform. This script is specifically designed for exclusively buying and selling Bitcoins.

              Some users might have some questions, like
              1. How to start a crypto exchange like LocalBitcoins?
              2. How much does it cost?
              3. Where do I get the LocalBitcoins clone script?

              How to start a crypto exchange like LocalBitcoins??

              There are 2 ways to develop a crypto exchange like LocalBitcoins.
              1. Develop the scratch
              2. Use a readymade LocalBitcoins clone script

              Develop the scratch

              Developing from scratch is very expensive and takes a long time. Then there are many technical issues and security issues that you might face during development.

              Use the readymade LocalBitcoins clone script

              Localbitcoins clone script is a readymade script and the development cost is low. It takes only 24 hours to launch this script.

              These are the 2 ways to launch a crypto exchange like LocalBitcoins.I would prefer the 2nd way because it is an easier way to develop the crypto exchange similar to LocalBitcoins.

              How much does it cost?

              Developing a crypto exchange like LocalBitcoins from scratch costs 50k to is expensive. but LocalBitcoins clone script cost is 4k to 5k, depending upon your features and functionalities.

              So LocalBitcoins clone script is the best choice to launch our own platforms.

              Where do I get the LocalBitcoins clone script?

              Many cryptocurrency exchange development companies offer crypto exchanges like LocalBitcoins.but my research Clarisco solutions is offering the most affordable and bug-free software. They have completed many projects all around the world.

              Book a live free demo of >>> localbitcoins clone script

              For any inquiries regarding LocalBitcoins like crypto exchange development, you can reach me via

              Whatsapp: +91 84388 36619

              Telegram: Clarisco Solutions

              Skype & Mail-id:


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