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Benefits of Security Tokens (STO)

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  • Benefits of Security Tokens (STO)

    Security Tokens Overview:

    STO stands for Security Token Offering. Security token offering is a regulated version of ICO to raise funds. Unlike ICO, they deal only with security tokens. You have to create security tokens in order to launch your STO.

    STOs need to be compliant with government regulations. Security Tokens are secured and they are bound by the laws of the respective countries. While launching STO, security tokens are generated by backing real-time assets and contain all the ownership information. It provides high credibility to investors and reduces the risk of token issuers.

    Benefits of Security Tokens:

    Increased liquidity:

    Security tokens are tradable on the petty market at any time on exchanges and P2P around the world.

    More Efficient:

    It is more cost-effective to issue and maintain security tokens. Investors can make shorter investments. Eventually, the tokens can be sold more efficiently.

    Lower costs:

    Token issuance and trade performance are disintermediated, removing the costs imposed by middlemen.

    Automated compliance:

    Smart Contracts allow regulatory compliance to be automated. This leads to faster KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) completion and, ultimately, faster deal performance. In addition, because Security Tokens are enrolled on a distributed ledger, there is no need for conventional clearinghouses.

    These are the major benefits of creating Security tokens. As a part of launching your STO, you may have to create security tokens. You will be requiring a team of Blockchain developers and a team of Blockchain experts to discuss your fundraising requirements. So, to reduce the loads, you can hire developers from a trustworthy STO development company. Out of the many companies in the market, a trusted company is Zab technologies. It is the prominentSTO Development company that offers the best services for STO development.

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