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How to hire a reliable ICO development company

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  • How to hire a reliable ICO development company

    Overview Of ICO

    Initial coin offering (ICO) platform offers a secure and reliable way to create and launch ICO tokens for raising source capital. Capital investments are made by potential investors through the purchase of crypto tokens with virtual cash or other digital currencies. These tokens are representations of an asset or utility in the blockchain. Since the tokens are fungible and tradeable, it can be used within the respective Blockchain ecosystem.

    Through ICO token sale, investors receive unique cryptocurrency tokens in exchange for their monetary funding in the business. In simple words, It is a type of crowdfunding through the creation and sale of ICO tokens.

    If you are a startup or an entrepreneur willing to raise funds using ICO, you need a roadmap in terms of technical and business needs. Here are the steps to launch an ICO

    1. Research the market and gain a clear idea
    2. Targeted Audience & Competitors
    3. Regulations of the country where you have planned to launch ICO
    4. Drafting the Whitepaper
    5. Forming the Expert set of Team
    6. Creating a Crypto Token
    7. Launch an ICO Website
    8. Market your ICO Website
    9. Pre ICO & ICO Crowdsale

    The most crucial part of launching an ICO is seeking a reputable ICO development company. Looking out and choosing a reliable firm is quite a tedious task. To ease the process, you can consider the below factors to pick out your reliable ICO development company.

    How to hire a reliable ICO development company

    1. Check the History of Company

    2. Choose a company with a Good Business Strategy

    3. Check the Quality of services And Customer Supports

    4. Check out the laws of the country

    5. Check feedbacks and reviews

    Working on the above factors will get you a list of top ICO development companies. On a self note, I’ve done the segregation and found a suitable firm. You can go with Zab technologies. Being a leading ICO Development company, they can offer reliable end-to-end ICO development services at budget-friendly costs. It includes crypto token development services also.

    If you are interested in launching an ICO, feel free to connect their business experts directly via,


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