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How does BEP20 token help raise funds in an efficient manner?

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  • How does BEP20 token help raise funds in an efficient manner?

    Crowdfunding can be the best option to establish your business. It makes enough funds to make your business successful. But raising funds at times can be a hard nut to crack. There have been plenty of scams in the past. But, there are many other crowdfunding methods you can benefit from. Initial Coin Offering is one such method. It has shown promising results in the near past. It was in the year 2017 when a total of $252 million worth of funds were raised through ICO. Although ICO has been quite good, it is the token standard you choose that makes it completely efficient. Yes, there are many token standards from different blockchain platforms. BEP20-the fungible token standard of Binance Smart Chain will be the most suitable standard for ICO. There are many factors that BEP20 copes up with to remain unique.
    1. The popularity will be the first to notice. Binance has become the most popular in recent times. Especially after the launch of Binance Smart Chain. This popularity will help you interested investors familiar with Binance.
    2. The popularity of BEP20 in the marketplace can also influence attracting investors. To make it simple, BEP20 is the most widely used token standard in recent times.
    3. The transaction cost will be the deciding factor in attracting investors. Among various popular blockchain platforms, Binance Smart Chain has the lowest transaction cost. And, to spice up things, it has the highest transaction speed. Many users peg their tokens to BEP20 to avail these features.

    So with such amazing features, BEP20 will be the best for launching an ICO. But where to create them? Creating a BEP20 can be a piece of cake if not for Smart contracts. Smart contracts are complex and immutable. It requires the assistance of high-level expertise to implement a smart contract. So it is advisable to find a BEP20 token development company to provide them with a list of your requirements.

    I have done some groundwork to come to a conclusion that Zab Technologies, a renowned blockchain development company, has been doing this efficiently for some time now. They work on giving the best services on BEP20 token development Company around the globe. Along with the token creation, they provide you with a wallet to store, send and receive your BEP20 tokens. There are more perks you can avail from creating BEP20 tokens with Zab Technologies. You can contact them via


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