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How to create a Non Fungible Token in the TRC721 standard?

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  • How to create a Non Fungible Token in the TRC721 standard?

    Since the launch of Non-fungible tokens in 2017, its hype has never dropped till now. NFTs are digital assets that could represent real-world assets. Being unique is the specialty of NFTs. The most important part here is you can do anything with NFTs just for an ownership transfer. There are three blockchain platforms where you can create Non-fungible tokens - Ethereum, TRON & Binance Smart Chain.

    Ethereum Blockchain - ERC721 is the Non - fungible token standard of the Ethereum blockchain. Being the second most popular blockchain, Ethereum can help you in creating successful NFTs. But the problem here is ERC721 is more tricky when it comes to UI/UX. Also, ERC721 has a slow adoption timing when compared to other NFT standards.

    Binance Smart Chain - BSC is becoming more popular these days. But it is not similar in the case of NFT. BEP721, the NFT standard of Binance Smart Chain is not as popular as the blockchain platform. To be precise, besides being similar to ERC721, BEP721 is not very familiar among crypto enthusiasts.

    TRON Blockchain - The TRON blockchain on the other has covered all the flaws in the previously mentioned token standards. TRC721 - the NFT standard of TRON blockchain is quite impressive. Apart from that TRC721 is undergoing a massive adoption for its seamless deployment. Most importantly TRON charges very low compared to most of the other blockchain platforms.

    How to create a TRC721 token?

    Now you might have an idea of the TRC721 token. Although creating TRC721 is quite easy, smart contracts are the tip of the iceberg. So, it is recommended to consult a TRC721 token development company. They will look into it.

    When choosing the TRC721 token development company, it is mandatory to do some research as there are many bogus companies out there that pretend to be genuine. Worry not, I’ve done some research to find out that Zab Technologies, a renowned blockchain development company is well known for Non-fungible token development. They will guide you. You can go through this blog related to TRC721 token development or contact them via

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