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Benefits Of Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

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  • Benefits Of Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

    Overview of ICO:

    An initial coin offering (ICO) is carried out to raise funds from the investors for a project. The money raised in an ICO is used for the development of the company and works as capital for the company. Even after the ICO is completed, the fundraiser can issue tokens for business purposes. In simple terms, an initial coin offering is a program processed by crypto startups. So they can pave the way to raise funds and benefit the investors.

    Benefits Of Initial Coin Offering :

    * ICO is open for everyone in spite of geographical locations. Therefore it offers a complete supply of cryptocurrencies around the globe.

    * The projects can raise funds in a completely decentralised manner, which is quite important.

    * For people/companies looking to raise funds, this is a fast and easy method because marketing costs are very low.

    * Third parties like banks are not involved in financial processes if you use an ICO

    * It provides easy access to tokens which will become a truly valuable cryptocurrency in near future. It is often seen as an asset by the investors

    * For project creators, it paves ways for building a community of people who support their project.

    * Investors can become a part of a community or project of their interest if they provide funding through ICO’s.

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