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  • Benefits of Having a Bitcoin (BTC) - Koinbazar

    Bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrency worldwide. It can also be used for purchasing goods that accept bitcoin payments. And also it can be exchanged to both the traditional as well as digital currencies, with the help of cryptocurrency exchange platforms like Koin Bazar, Binance, Paxful, etc. With the help of Bitcoin, you can use it for illegal purposes like buying illegal drugs from the dark marketplace.

    There are many benefits of using bitcoins but the main advantage is that it has over traditional banks is the fact which allows international payments to go through without the worry of currency conversions.

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    BTC is great option, only problem is not everyone is using it, meaning time to time you need to exchange it into USD, for example, and sites or platforms doing so charges you with fee. This obviously will vanish once people get encouraged to using cryptos for everything. So we have to support platforms that spread the crypto usage. For instance, I found this site called MintMe on which users are encouraged to use personalized cryptocurrencies (and main ones too: BTC and ETH) for crowdfunding purposes. Which is one way to let communities know about crypto relevance.