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How much money do you need (minimum) to start a business in Boston?

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  • How much money do you need (minimum) to start a business in Boston?

    What else do you need? in your opinion, a car or an apartment?

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    It depends on the type of business you want to create (manufacturing, trade, services or retail); however, below are the general guidelines to keep in mind when planning the capital / finance you will need:

    1-legal fees (business expenses, professional expenses, government fees, etc.): start at $ 2,000 and reach $ 10,000. This is an approximate tariff for the creation of a commercial, retail or service business and does not include production.

    2-commercial office / commercial space rental( mandatory for issuing a commercial license): commercial office space starts in Dubai from Dubai 30 /sq ft / year and reaches up to $ 200 / sq ft / year. Commercial spaces start at $ 90 per square foot per year to $ 500 per square foot per year. Prices in other emirates are cheaper. To obtain a license, note that you need to rent a commercial office space or commercial space.


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      Boston is really considered one of the best destinations. I am so lucky in my life that I often go there for work. And I have to live in Boston from time to time . I look at how citizens live, I look at them. And I noticed that many of them like to rent cars. That is, they are so tired of their cars that they want to try a new one every week. Have a good company there that allows you to test a lot of expensive luxury cars.