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Raise tremendous funds for your venture with authentic sto development services!

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  • Raise tremendous funds for your venture with authentic sto development services!

    We are aware that blockchain technology is one of the most promising technologies that has been transforming many business industries to a whole new level. Blockchain reinforces crypto assets such as utility and security tokens which brings up a tremendous turn on the financial industry. For entrepreneurs who're looking to raise funds for their startups, security tokens are the right way to go, because security tokens are regulated, completely secure, and credible. Ever since ICOs have been prone to scam issues, STOs have been gaining huge traction among potential investors and are becoming the most popular fundraising method.

    As the demand and popularity are drastically increasing, if you want to develop your own security tokens, you need to know the key steps. Let’s find out what are all the necessary integrations for a stable security token development.

    Essential steps for security token offering development
    • Token/coin creation
    • Security tokens exchange platform with multi-currency and language support
    • Automated KYC/AML integration
    • Automated legal compliance
    • Powerful Trading engine
    • Flexible payment gateways integration
    • STO investor dashboard
    • Customized website for your STO
    • Whitepaper creation
    • Blockchain and smart contracts integration
    • Enhanced security protocols.

    These are all the touchpoints to be considered while developing your security token. To develop robust, feature-rich security tokens for your fundraising business, the best option is to hire an experienced company such as Blockchain App Factory. Their seasoned experts will offer the most secure, reliable security token offering solutions at cost-effective prices and your STOs can be launched in no time. Reach out to them and find out more.