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Ico marketing services company — a walkthrough

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  • Ico marketing services company — a walkthrough

    ICO or Initial Coin Offering is nothing but a novel method of fundraising through Crowdfunding to empower the growing startups financially.

    There has been a major revolution in the trend of the Sales and Purchase system. From the direct dealing between customers and sellers, we moved to a virtual market where buyers and sellers meet in Clouds. Now take a big step further ahead, shares or products or assets are sold in forms of tokens or coins. This is Initial Coin Offering in a nutshell.

    However, to be successful amidst the growing competition in the industry, ingenious marketing strategies need to be employed.

    Professionalization of ICO Marketing

    There are several firms devoted to support and provide ICO Services. Blockchain App Factoryis one such

    ICO Marketing Service Companyin India. They are equipped with specialized teams having unquestionable domain knowledge.

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