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How to start a Blockchain based business

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  • How to start a Blockchain based business

    In 2021, Blockchain is a vast space where many startups and entrepreneurs are kickstarting a business. As Blockchain space provides an efficient and secure environment. Blockchain technology leverage various sectors to the next phase such, medical care, transportation, cryptocurrency space, government agencies, etc.,

    Blockchain is pretty complex to understand and execute. But Blockchain solutions can give simple, fraud-less, transparent, immutable solutions for many complex real-time issues. Speaking of Blockchain technology, cryptography is one of the popular applications. Also, One of the uprising Blockchain business is starting a Cryptocurrency exchange like Binance. Amid the covid pandemic, Binance and other cryptos related business have not faced any significant shakes. The crypto users and crypto traders are increasing day by day. The crypto space is getting wider and wider. You can start a cryptocurrency exchange or kickstart any Blockchain business by hiring a Blockchain development company.

    Blockchain leveraging sectors:
    • Blockchain in the supply chain and transportation sector
    • Blockchain in the retail sector
    • Blockchain in the healthcare sector
    • Blockchain in the education industry
    • Blockchain in other segments
    • Blockchain Cryptocurrency

    Efficient crypto-related Blockchain business ideas:
    • Cryptocurrency exchange development
    • Crypto token development
    • Private blockchain development
    • Crypto payment gateway development

    Seek a leading Blockchain development company, Zab technologies. Being a leading Blockchain development company, they help you with Enterprise Blockchain solutions.

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    Hello Entrepreneurs / Startups,

    Many business enthusiasts are recently starting their business in the crypto space. You know why??? The upcoming world & economy is fully based on digitalization. In the digital economy, Cryptocurrencies are playing an important role. Recently (Mar’2021), statistical reports say “more than 69.96 million active crypto users around the world”. And now countries have legalized cryptocurrency.

    Day-by-Day, the cryptocurrency market is enlarging very fast, as many new business opportunities are ahead such as crypto-token creation, crypto exchange (Centralized & Decentralized), Crypto lending & borrowing, crypto wallet creation, crypto gaming & now Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway. Among these business ideas, recently we can find that many startups & entrepreneurs picked two particular businesses, that is - Crypto Exchange & Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway.

    Cryptocurrency Exchange:

    Building your own crypto exchange platform is the finest cryptocurrency business in 2021. First, you should know what a cryptocurrency exchange platform is. It is the website where you can buy and sell a wide range of cryptocurrencies in a hassle-free and secure manner. Already there are many popular crypto exchange platforms across the globe. Such as Binance, Coinbase, LocalBitcoins, and other exchanges.

    If you are an owner of the exchange, Then you can charge fees for withdrawing, depositing, and transferring the cryptocurrencies. So you can use the trusted premium bitcoin exchange software to launch your own secured exchange platform instantly. There are different kinds of exchanges available in the global market. Such as
    • Centralized exchange
    • Decentralized exchange
    • Hybrid exchange
    • Order book exchange
    • Ads based exchange
    • Binary options exchange
    Select the type of exchange you want for your business before launching the crypto exchange platform you need a proper business plan. Here I’ve given a roadmap for your check it below.

    Road map to launch a Crypto Exchange in a Secured manner:
    1. Determined the targeting location, where you going to launch your exchange platform (Launch your exchange crypto-friendly countries)
    2. Do some industrial market research
    3. Choose what types of you going to launch (Centralized, Decentralized, & Hybrid)
    4. Get a license from the targeting location or country (It differ from country-country)
    5. Hiring a legal team of counselors.
    6. Keep ready a strong financial backup before starting the business
    7. Find out the best cryptocurrency exchange script provider
    8. Connect your exchange with the maximum possible partners
    9. Create a partnership with the leading payment processor
    10. Ensure to have strong security features
    11. Make sure you do beta testing before making your exchange platform live
    12. Provide 24x7 customer support
    I hope the above information fulfilled your requirements. If you want more details, check out the article: How to start a cryptocurrency exchange business.

    Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway:

    Crypto payment gateway is the recent trending & emerging business in the crypto space. In recent days many industries like travel, clothing, food, etc. have already started accepting crypto payments(to cover the worldwide audience).

    So, have you been wondering how to create a cryptocurrency payment gateway processor??? Let me explain in simple steps,

    There are some certain things that you need to follow to build/create a successful cryptocurrency payment gateway platform.
    • Do some industrial market research
    • Choose the location to launch your crypto exchange business
    • Partnering with the acquiring bank
    • Don’t forget about security & features
    • And, Get the Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Software/Script from the trusted providers.
    These are some steps you need to follow to launch a cryptocurrency payment gateway processor. Choosing the cryptocurrency payment gateway software/script is a more important one because many scripts/software are available in the current market. One of the most popular & famous is“Bitpay Clone Script”. Bitpay clone script is one of the secured & best-featured crypto payment gateways software. It’s an open-source crypto wallet that allows you to conduct crypto transactions globally. And, it’s a wide crypto payment gateway for many businesses.

    Features of Bitpay Clone Script:
    • Two-factor authentication
    • Multi-language support
    • Multi-cryptocurrency support
    • Quick transactions
    • Secure payment
    • Transaction history
    • Robust admin panel
    • Peer to peer transactions
    • Global access
    • Data analytics
    • Integrating high-end security
    • Seamless conversion
    • Integration of Multiple cryptocurrency wallets
    If you’re interested, check out their free live demo >>> Bitpay Clone Script