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Why is Bitsfine pre-ICO sale important?

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  • Why is Bitsfine pre-ICO sale important?

    Bitsfine pre-ICO sale is important because Bitsfine coin is a type of coin that focuses on ease-of-use and adaptability. It focuses on the existing crypto users and the non-crypto users, who find it much difficult to deal with cryptocurrencies, to embrace it. There is no restraint or any limit on the trading amount. A person can even trade with the smallest amount of 100 USD. It can be seen that the cryptocurrency value fluctuates a lot and the transaction time is longer. This has been taken care of at bitsfine. The transaction time is significantly less, due to which Bitsfine coin (BFNT) will escape the market's volatility. Now, coming towards the transaction fees. Transaction fees are zero now. visit,
    Bitsfine is a detailed ecosystem offering multiple benefits like a utility token, banking services, debit cards, and DeFi services. The Platform has a massive variety of gift cards, vouchers, and an ICO as well to offer.