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Blockchain: Opportunities for Health Care

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  • Blockchain: Opportunities for Health Care

    ​Blockchain technology has the potential to transform health care, placing the patient at the center of the health care ecosystem and increasing the security, privacy, and interoperability of health data. This technology could provide a new model for health information exchanges (HIE) by making electronic medical records more efficient, disintermediated, and secure. While it is not a panacea, this new, rapidly evolving field provides fertile ground for experimentation, investment, and proof-of-concept testing.​

    Blockchain health IT challenge

    ​A team from Deloitte Consulting LLP won a blockchain ideation challengesponsored by the Department of Health and Human Services Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC). Deloitte’s winning white paper, describes opportunities for applying blockchain technology to health care to make health information exchanges (HIE) more secure, efficient, and interoperable. The paper was selected from over 70 submissions from a wide range of individuals, organizations, and companies addressing ways that blockchain technology might be used in health and health IT to protect, manage, and exchange electronic health information.

    What is blockchain and how can it provide opportunities for health care?

    ​A blockchain powered health information exchange could unlock the true value of interoperability. Blockchain-based systems have the potential to reduce or eliminate the friction and costs of current intermediaries.

    The promise of blockchain has widespread implications for stakeholders in the health care ecosystem. Capitalizing on this technology has the potential to connect fragmented systems to generate insights and to better assess the value of care. In the long term, a nationwide blockchain network for electronic medical records may improve efficiencies and support better health outcomes for patients.

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    This Thread is so much informative, when i look for the impact of blockchain technology in health care, there are plenty of stuffs listed online, I really don't know which one to read first. It clearly shows that blockchain is the best option for healthcare industry. Because this immense technology mainly concentrating on keeping the "DATA's Secure" . Maintaining the data's and bringing up interoperability is not at all easily achievable, because everyday all around the world of Healthcare Data floating with huge volume. But the arrival of blockchain technology and its use cases will make it easy with no back paining efforts

    The recent Data breach Investigation Reports by verizon says there were approximately 750 cyber incidents were happened in health industry and in which the major incidents are misuse of privileges & patient data breaches which is around 63% in the whole data. This cause the report to declare that “ Health care industry became worst to pretend Insider data breaches when comparing to other industry".

    By wrapping up the everything, (i.e) current challenges in health care industry, security lacks, and the use of blockchain in healthcare, i have found this article How blockchain supports health care industry seems to discuss the whole package with interesting explanations, data's and real time examples. If you wanna know the real use case of blockchain in health care. you can refer that article too!