Let's picture a situation. Mary seeks a plumber to fix the broken sink. While searching for professional plumber contact details through an old and dusted phone book, her husband John noticed the car's tail light broken. Now both John and Mary have joined the quest to get contact information of professional plumber and mechanic. Couple goal? Maybe not the right one.

However, the couple can save time and money with just a few taps on a GoJek clone app and get professional plumber and mechanic arrive at their doorstep. You heard it right, only a few taps! The smart app, powered with cutting-edge features and tech, offers a secure platform to connect service seekers with professionals near their location.

Ok, I am curious, what kind of features?

The list is endless, however, let's check out the critical ones:
  • Search for professionals
  • Book now or schedule
  • Booking records
  • Profile details
  • In-app payments
  • Rate card
  • Real-time professional tracking
  • Rate & review
  • ETA
  • Notifications
  • Geo-fencing
  • And a whole lot more

Can I enter the lucrative on-demand business?

Indeed you can. With the perfect app, you can enter and thrive almost instantaneously. TurnkeyTown offers next-generation Gojek clone that is tailor-built as per your business requirements. So, help couples like Mary and John connect with service professionals smoothly with a powerful on-demand application running on popular mobile (iOS and Android) and web platforms.
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