Hailing a taxi is a painful task. Not to mention standing under the sun for hours only to notice all the cabs pass you by. However, with the launch of dedicated apps for booking cabs, the situation has changed for the good.

With the market getting lucrative, players are entering the game with their custom on-demand taxi applications that match or in some cases, even outmatch the leading service provider in the market.

How are new players outmatching competitors?

With an Uber clone, of course. The platform offers easy customizations and integration of many techs and features as per business needs. Thus, helping startups and entrepreneurs save on high development cost and time.

What does Uber clone offer?

The smart taxi-hailing & dispatching platform offers a dedicated app for rider & driver and panels for admin & dispatcher. The application powered with leading tech and feature promises turbo-charged performance.

What kind of features?

For driver
  • Route navigation
  • Support chat
  • Trip earnings
  • Invoice details
  • Online & offline toggle
  • And more

For rider
  • Book now or schedule later
  • Payment options
  • Push notifications
  • Real-time tracking
  • SOS button
  • And more

For admin
  • Earnings report
  • Driver & rider management
  • Document verification
  • God’s eye view
  • Surge pricing
  • And more

For dispatcher
  • Fare estimation
  • Manage requests
  • Social media login
  • Rating and review management
  • Real-time matching
  • And more

Who to entrust with app development services?

Well, based on market research, TurnkeyTown has emerged as a clear winner with amazing app development solutions. They are industry leaders in developing, testing, and delivering next-gen apps for on-demand taxi services.