The next extension of Star Wars The Old Republic is Legacy Of The Sith, which includes a planned war against Manaan and Darth Malgus to establish a new order. Interested players can prepare some SWTOR Credits in advance, and maybe some players will want to know what Darth Malgus has planned. Since the release of the game, Sith Lord has appeared as a SWTOR villain many times, but his motives have often changed.

Although Darth Malgus was a loyal Force holder of the Sith Empire at first, his desire for power exceeded the limits of the Dark Council and the Emperor. His radical thinking and despair of evolution led him to be defeated by Republic and Imperial collaborators in SWTOR’s The False Emperor Flashpoint. This role finally returned to Onslaught, the previous expansion of Star Wars: The Old Republic, as Empress Acina’s Wrath.

Legacy Of The Sith began in Manaan, and the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire armies fought for the kolto resources on the earth. Frustrated by the continued neutrality of the Slekath population in Manaan, Sith Lord, known as Darth Norok, launched an attack and established an underwater base to purchase their own kolto supplies. Jedi like Arn Peralun and Tau Idair worked with Republic players and local militias to repel the invading forces. While this conflict continued, Darth Malgus acted in the dark. Players can Buy SWTOR Credits and hunt him down in Elom Flashpoint, but his greater role in the Legacy Of The Sith story is unknown.

Although the current Legacy Of The Sith promotional material hides Darth Malgus’ grand plan, his previous plots and actions show that the character’s motivation remains the same. Originally appeared in the SWTOR Return trailer, which depicts the triumphant revival of Sith Empire, Darth Malgus murdered his master and claimed his position of power. Darth Malgus carried out a similar power SWTOR Credits in SWTOR’s Class Stories, and Imperial players could unknowingly help complete his military goals. Strangely, Darth Malgus did not get a place in the Dark Council like most Sith. Instead, he seeks to become the next Emperor and betrays Sith Empire’s standard power ranking system, disrupting Sith’s order. Unfortunately, players thwarted these plans in The False Empire Flashpoint, where Darth Malgus was “killed”.