Can you mine two coins at a go? for example, synchronous Bitcoin and Ethereum mining or some different Altcoins. Hang on and we will discover it soon enough.

Let’s have a quick introduction to Cryptocurrency Mining.

In cryptocurrency mining, miners verify and add various transactions to the blockchain. In the past few years usage of cryptocurrency has increased tremendously. In the same manner, cryptocurrency mining has also drastically become popular. Cryptocurrency transactions are conducted every now and then. And each and every time a transaction is started, a crypto miner is burdened with the obligation of verification of such transaction and recording it on the blockchain. Mining itself includes rivalry among miners. All with a common objective; to solve complex scientific issues, and to do it as soon as possible.

Merged Mining

Merged Mining is the way toward permitting the miners of a specific cryptocurrency to mine a completely different cryptocurrency based on the same algorithm. Because of this procedure, the hashing intensity of another, cryptocurrency can be expanded rather rapidly. The manner in which it works is that a miner is scanning for a similar response to the riddle engaged with the following square reward of more than one cryptocurrency at any given moment.

Advantages of Merged Mining
  • The security of crypto coins with low hashing force is supported by their connection to a parent chain.
  • With merged mining, miners are impelled to mine two coins at the same time. As it were, one system’s hashing force isn’t decreased at the expense of the other.
  • Miners are urged to channel their assets toward merged mining since they can develop their income without doing any additional work. Since one can create a greater number of assets by mining two coins as opposed to only one, all miners will eventually opt for merged mining.

The History of Merged Mining with Litecoin and Dogecoin

Charlie Lee, the maker of Litecoin, first proposed merged mining Dogecoin with Litecoin back in April of 2014. His principal objective for this new coordinated effort between the two altcoins was to improve the security of both blockchains. Adding all the more hashing capacity to the two systems brings down the risk of a 51% attack on either cryptocurrency, so it ought to be viewed as a success win for the two gatherings.

Jackson Palmer, one of the first organizers of Dogecoin, was reluctant about merged mining with Litecoin at first. He needed to concentrate on expanding the Dogecoin instead of uniting with the Litecoin. Having said that, the choice to permit combine mining with Litecoin was made in August. It was just a couple of brief a long time after Charlie Lee’s unique proposition.


From the above information, one could state straightaway that merged mining is feasible. It is fantastic and likely the most secure approach to develop more youthful ventures and evade 51% attack. This allows low hash powered cryptocurrencies to increase the hashing power by bootstrapping onto more popularcryptocurrencies.