In the upcoming Legacy of the Sith, developers have brought a lot of new content and some improvements to the new expansion pack. For many old SWTOR players, they may be very excited about this and can experience more fun in the game. So many players will buy SWTOR Credits to enhance their gaming experience. But many players may be interested in the new expansion, here are some improvements they can know about.

SWTOR Legacy of the Sith Limits RNG. Star Wars: The Old Republic has an RNG system that is more friendly than most games. Although players can Buy SWTOR Credits to purchase equipment, random loot boxes or mission rewards provide generated equipment and items available in Cartel Market (microtransactions) The choice between allows players to purchase specific items. Unfortunately, RNG still exists in Flashpoints and Operations, which are some of the more intense activities in the game.

SWTOR specifies a mechanism of Want, Need, and Pass to coordinate drops more fairly. Players who choose “Need” show that they use the item immediately and get RNG priority, while those who choose “Want” have a smaller chance of getting the item. The party members who chose “Pass” did not consider it at all. I don’t know how much this system has survived in action and flashpoint, but fortunately Legacy of the Sith removed the RNG during the upgrade.

Traditional MMO elements feature equipment for vertical progression, but SWTOR does not always do this. Fortunately, Legacy of the Sith encourages a more effective way to upgrade characters and collect various armors. With the updated fighting style in SWTOR, a more direct progression system encourages players to explore different builds more effectively. RNG can achieve higher replayability in some games, but the sheer number of storylines and activities in SWTOR has achieved this. Players can also buy SWTOR Credits to upgrade quickly.