The most frequent complaint, which is repeated frequently, is that every season's latest version is a slight upgrade over the previous. Because EA Sports has the exclusive license, it's only one company that can make the "simulation-style" NFL game. Therefore, it is clear that the developer is under not any pressure to madden 22 coins significantly improve the game each year. In 2020, a raging tweet campaign in the Twitterverse urged the league's decision to introduce EA as its partner #NFLDropEA. Even with the social media outrage that included coordinated review-bombing of its Metacritic site, Madden 21 sales were at a record high. The Madden 22 of this year Madden 22 did well, too, and Madden remains the top-selling ever in the history of sports.

The critics come from an extremely vocal minority, but an entire group whose role is to be very vocal. I'm talking about YouTubers, who make their living by making videos by streaming themselves playing a sport they claim they hate.

The diversity of YouTubers' focus areas reveals how large the game is nowadays. There are YouTubers such as Belton who post footage of themselves playing or playing of people uploading techniques and tips, and then there are YouTubers who dedicate themselves to dunking on Madden.

In the fall of last year, a channel named SOFTDRINKTV posted a 14-minute video with the title "The Most Insane Madden of All Time," and a week later, by a video of 19 minutes titled "Madden NFL 22 is NOT Good - Review." They re-enter a similar well recently with a new video entitled "Everything Wrong with Madden NFL 22 (in 16 minutes)." The narrative of that one opens memorably or even a bit dramatically: "This is the kind of game that causes you to want to stick on your eyes with a thumbtack. If playing Madden 22, the gift of life turns into one of the worst curses. It is no longer a desire to live. It creates existential dread."

Just like any other subculture Madden comes with its own slang. For precise throws, they are "lasers" (self-explanatory). Often a good throw is the form of a "dot" -- you'll get "dotted up" that has somehow changed from "dart" (less explicit). Similar to strong defensive coverage, good defensive coverage was once "bagged," though recently I've seen YouTubers saying "booked." This is the most logical one for me to understand is "mossing" one person as in when an athlete leaps over a corner to snatch the ball from the air, inspired by Randy Moss.

However, the hatred for Madden appears to be just as big a part of mut 22 coins the popular culture, even though it's a bit theatrical at times. The subreddit r/Madden almost all "rants" about the reasons why Madden is a mess, and usually only a short video clip of a glitch or bug. The tag #Madden22 that is on TikTok is a mix of highlights and calls out the faulty plays that EA must fix.

Naturally, when dislike video games so often, why do you continue to play it, every year?