I never needed a bill but my bank is more than a bill. I don't like taking a look at OSRS Gold big numbers so that I instantly spend the money on restocking for pvm for example for elder ovls pots etc and purchasing abilities for 99 or even 120. Already got bis melee equipment, which I purchased with cash I created through pvming and good mage and triumphed gear. I am mostly bankrupt because I spend my money on something expensive. But because I've everything I need I don't need the cashmoney nor do I feel broke either.

Forgot to answer on what I do with my time. If I am being honest here I truly don't know. Mostly I come online only to farm exp and pursuit points since I am near reach maxed and pursuit Cape with 380+- pursuit points. I have everything I need for pvming. So runescape gameplay at this time is dull. On the lookout for a family active type clan with a great deal of events and individuals really frightening in discord or ts. Want some friends.

I believe that the largest difference is honestly how you view Runescape. Before I'd wealth which was my whole goal. I had been strictly PvM all the time, and every goal I had was"I have to create x amount so I can get better gear/skills." Now when I play, I've purchased everything that's buyable, there are not any items I want etc and at first I did not want to play with anymore. I felt I'd achieved everything there was (no self respecting cape since, eww, skills) and amassing honestly isn't that fun for me.

HOWEVER, now I have fun playing. If I enjoy a boss I will kill it, even when gain is garbage. If I like a costly skill (I love herblore) I can do it, and it doesn't even matter when I play economically. Wealth on RS is similar to prosperity irl. Is time. You no longer need to manager your own time so that you can afford to buy RS gold purchase or do particular things, you get to spend time doing things you enjoy, regardless of the price, and that is really quite pleasurable.