Some time ago, the list of Star Wars: The Old Republic’s November events has been announced. They may have some return events that players like and get some loot in Legacy of the Sith/update 7.0. Return activities include All Worlds Ultimate Swoop Rally, the Rakghoul Resurgence on Corellia, and later this month, Relics of the Gree will be here for characters above level 50 to enjoy. Players can prepare some SWTOR Credits in advance to allow themselves to better take part in the event.

Because of the significant changes in armor, gear and items, the series of activities this month are the last few weeks of using the current system. Players who have taken part in Swoop activities before may have got swoop rally mounts, swoop gang outfits, droid mini pets, and so on. If these are not what the players want, they can also Buy SWTOR Credits to purchase some equipment and items.

From November 16 to November 23, Eliminate some Rakghouls on Corellia. The plague is back. For some players who want some loot, it is time to kill some, but they must remember to prepare some SWTOR Money in advance. Rewards include mini pets, mounts and gear. These can help players develop quickly in the game.

Finally, to close in November and last until December 7, is Relics of the Gree. If players reach level 50 or higher, please go to Ilum and get ready for the challenge. They can increase their reputation in Gree and get some pets, gea, etc. If before that, players can buy SWTOR Credits to improve themselves so that they can easily complete the challenge.