Flashpoints. Running a random selection of Flashpoint through the Group Finder every week will guarantee the upgrade to the lowest position of the player’s equipment, unless the player is already equipped with fully upgraded equipment. In this case, players will receive equipment that can be broken down into currency, which can be used for future equipment upgrades. Players can also Buy SWTOR Credits to upgrade equipment.

Flashpoints will continue to drop crafting materials and vanity rewards, just like now. In addition, Flashpoints will drop upgrade currency or equipment that can be broken down into upgrade currency. Players can trade the following upgrade equipment: Flashpoint upgrade currency, daily/heroic currency, conquest currency, SWTOR Credits, and a piece of equipment they choose to upgrade.

When 7.0 goes live, the details and exact numbers may change, but if the basic item level of 7.0’s level 80 equipment is 320, then Veteran Flashpoint players can upgrade their equipment up to item level 324. Master Flashpoint players can upgrade their equipment to item level 326. Although some players will use SWTOR Money to upgrade their equipment, the equipment dropped in any mode will be different and will not be the same as in the past. In future updates, this maximum value will be increased to 328 for veteran players and 330 for master players.

Conquests. Most players who want to enjoy the single player experience will upgrade their equipment by completing Personal Conquests, but some players will choose to buy SWTOR Credits to upgrade quickly. If the basic item level in 7.0 is 320, then through Conquests upgrading can make the player’s maximum item level 326. In a future update, it will increase the item level of Conquest players to 330.