Looks just like a Bronze Dragon, however more Earth-like. It mainly utilizes Earth Blast on you, so rs 2007 gold be certain you've got P.F.M on. Once defeated, it always drops Earth Runes, which range from 90-350. It has the identical amount of HP as a Greater Demon (did not see that coming, did you?) . For Magic, it is weak against Water spells and resistant to Fire spells. For Melee, it is weak against Block and resistant to Chop. For Ranged, it's weak against Longrange and resistant to Quick.

Looks just like a Pyrefiend, only Dragon version. It mainly uses Fire Blast on you, so make an Anti-Fire shield. Once defeated, it drops Ashes and Fire Runes, which range from 100-400. It's the same HP as Agrith-Naar from Shadow of the Storm. For Magic, can it be weak against Water spells nd resistant to Wind spells. For Melee, it is weak against Hack (yes, a battleaxe or axe) and resistant to everything else.

And what is a dragon series with no it's other drops? They all can fall Dragon Daggers, Spears, and a brand-new monster weapon: the fabled Dragon Claws The tougher the dragon (CB wise besides QED), the more likely you are to get the Dragon Claws. However, as all Dragon drops are, it requires a long time to receive even the.

Talk about KBD all-over again. It acts as the Dagganoth Mother by shifting into the other elementals from time to time. It has the exact same HP as a Steel Dragon (that I am unsure of). Once defeated, it drops Elemental Bones and all of those Runes listed above. Wind Dragons are in snow regions and windy areas. (suggestion: Olaf's Quest) Water Dragons have been from the Historical Cavern near the Waterfiends. Earth Dragons are random dungeons like the Taverley dungeon or the Edgeville Dungeon. Ow. I think I just got Carpal Tunnel.

If they seem over-powered, let me know. Note: Even though it is a dragon, only the fire dragon needs and Anti-Fire shield. Is there such thing as a Anti-Wind shield? Or a Anti-Earth shield? Or a Anti-Water shield? Primarily, it costs 1000 tokens to work with, and it has these spells. Shadow twist: 1 elemantal rune and one calyctic rune, permits you to buy RuneScape gold walk through walls (not including the obstacles ) level 10 magic.