Hey fellow gang member. Are you up for RuneScape gold some theiving? Always ready to theive. Excellent. I have a specific request to draw your attention. I'm asking you to return Katrine/Straven Dagger. This disguise makes it very difficult for you to enter. Katrine/Straven offers you a Theive’s Mask and Jacket along with trousers and boots. They can be worn to speak to the opposite gang leader. You are the new the if. You are free to continue to.

Search the door for the shield half. If you're a part of the Pheonix Gang, search the Black Arm Cabinet. Thwait’s Key will be available to you when you lock the door. You will need the key to gain access to the Rogues Den in Burthrope.

Master Thwait will block your progress if apply it together with the gate. What are you doing? I'm going to-- Crack the safe? Bah, I don’t really need to. If you're a theif, you'll likely end up being a Thwait who is stopped, then turns, and appears to be ignoring your presence.

Then, you can use Thwait's key to open the safe. Surprise! Surprise! He is equipped with Dragon Claws. His special will be used when he's below 10% HP. The Max is 15. He can hit his special with the maximum of 5, 6 8 or 7. You will need decent food in case he hits the number. Martin Thwait will appear when you kill him. You defeated my little surprise Haha! But I have a message to share with you. This isn't finished!

Martin Thwait will vanish in a puff. Sadly, he will leave an unreadable scroll. You will find the following: Two Kings There are two Kings, each of one source, one jealous, and one brave. You will find me speaking when you look towards the rising tides made up of two individuals. It is evident. Freminnik Isle; but, which? You can take a ferry charter from Jatizo and then Mord Gunnar. An unknown person will be on the dock, and you'll be able to buy inferno cape osrs watch a cutscene.