Heisman Winner DeVonta Smith on Draft Prep, NFL Idols and His "Madden" Rating Expectations. The last time we saw Heisman winner DeVonta Smith about mut coins madden 22 the national stage, he was torching Ohio State for 215 yards and three touchdowns as the Crimson Tide rolled into a 52-24 win over the Buckeyes in the College Football Playoff National Championship match at Hard Rock Stadium.

Smith, who finished with that eye-opening stat lineup despite not playing at the second half of Alabama's blowout win after dislocating his finger, will probably return in the national spotlight on Thursday night at the NFL Draft in Cleveland, where he's almost sure to be selected with an early first-round pick.

As part of the practice he's doing with former wideout Yo Murphy before the draft, Smith has been placing recovery to maintain his body prepared for playing football on a daily basis as well as to diminish soreness and muscle fatigue.

"I've been training this past year and putting a great deal of work into grow my game and keep getting better," Smith tells InsideHook. "I have been using Theragun because I was introduced to it from the coaches at Alabama. It has become part of my everyday routine before and after games and workouts to heat up and recover and also on rest times to allow me to unwind"

Another thing Smith has been doing to help himself unwind is playing with video games, namely Madden NFL 20. Though he isn't in the game however, Smith has some players that are preferred. "All my teammates from Alabama who are in the league today," he says. "It's important to confirm the Tide." Which isn't to say Smith doesn't wish to see himself at the game in the near future:"I'm going forward to having a Madden rating once I'm in the league," he states. "I really don't know what it is going to be, but buy Madden 22 coins I already know it's not high enough."