The most exciting thing for Star Wars The Old Republic players recently is that SWTOR 7.0 Legacy of the Sith will be launched on December 14. In a previous live broadcast, the development team revealed some new locations and planets. There will be some enormous changes in the new expansion. For players who want to grow quickly in the game, they must Buy SWTOR Credits in advance.

When SWTOR was first launched, players could unlock advanced classes corresponding to their basic occupations. Empire and Republic both provide four options, including two Force users and two non-Force users. Advanced Classes are more suitable for specific combat roles and are divided into Tank, Damage and Healer. This mechanism limits many players to unpopular game styles and prevents an important part of RPG’s famous character customization. Fortunately, SWTOR’s Legacy Of The Sith 7.0 update will adjust Advanced Class to achieve deeper character customization. This allows classes to explore the combat roles of new armor classes, capabilities, and co-op activities.

In Legacy Of The Sith, BioWare redesignated Advanced Classes as Combat Styles. All Force users can share interchangeable abilities and professions, as can non-Force users. It can use shortly combat Styles after it created the role, and can explore new combat roles, attacks and skills for existing classes. Unfortunately, players with existing characters cannot change their current Combat Styles.

Fortunately, current players can access Combat Styles in different ways to enjoy the new system in Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Legacy of the Sith. SWTOR subscribers can choose two Combat Styles for their roles and switch between them at will. This means that players taking part in Guilds can now play different combat roles in Operations or Flashpoints without having to log out to switch between Tank, Healer or Damage characters. If players want to enhance the strength of their characters, they can also buy SWTOR Credits to get some powerful equipment.