ETO refers to equity token offering. Equity token offerings, when contrasted with ICOs (Initial coin offerings) are a lot more secure and technologically progressive. Therefore, they have been gaining increasing popularity within blockchain development and in the cryptosphere.

ETOs are a progressive investment model that brings together the advantages of an IPO, ICO, and VC. ETOs are comparatively token and cost considerate in comparison to an initial coin offering. Tokenization of a business via an ETO is much more cost effective and faster.
  • The acquisition of shares is simplified from the viewpoint of the investor
  • Reduced legal formalities are needed in order to obtain shares
  • It opens up the possibility of investing in shares to a wider investor base
  • Transactions have no middle man, it is purely between the issuer and investor
  • As a result of the above-mentioned point, equity tokens have much lesser transaction expenses when compared with a conventional stock broker