ETO development from the ground up can be a time consuming and expensive process. Therefore, firms may choose to outsource this function to external parties, who might be able to perform the job more effectively.

ETOs are a safe and secure process that consists of the dilution of shares to obtain share capital in several rounds. This procedure takes place in two different phases. These phases are:
  • The private locked-up stage
  • The pubic liquidity phase

Equity tokens provide various benefits to owners and issuers alike. A few of these advantages are as follows:
  • Control - by refusing to dispense non-voting shares, it assists in retaining control of the firm
  • Security assurance - implementation of blockchain tech makes this particularly secure
  • Retention of token value - Firms retain their value as they proceed with profit-making
  • Affordable - Services are provided at a very cost-effective price point
  • Verified - when it comes to transacting and investing, it is fully verified