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Blockchain International Show London June 6-7 -2018


  • Blockchain International Show London - June 6-7, 2018

    Crypto assets regulation, blockchain for business and ICO marketing. Issues to be covered at Blockchain International Show London

    On June 6-7, London will host the international conference Blockchain International Show London dedicated to the blockchain industry development.

    Within the event, representatives of international companies and leading crypto experts will tell which industries can get the most out of the blockchain implementation, which jurisdiction is the best one for ICO holding, as well as about the cryptocurrency market trends in 2018.

    Two days of the conference will feature the reports of experts from the Netherlands, Switzerland, Jordan, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, Luxembourg, Germany, Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, Malta and Cyprus.

    Blockchain International Show London

    Blockchain technology

    Blockchain offers a lot of opportunities for business and states. At Blockchain International Show London, using real examples, speakers will share how distributed ledgers can improve the public sector and what advantages private companies can get.

    During the report Blockchain & government: examples, approaches and lessons we learned, the speaker will share her experience in developing decentralized government projects for government institution in the Netherlands.

    The presentation Blockchain technology in industrial processes will reveal how business can use blockchain. It will cover the main challenges of companies, opportunities offered by blockchain, influence of the technology over business processes and the new market development.

    The conference will also feature a report Beyond massive successful incremental DLT, telling about the development of disruptive infrastructure solutions using blockchain, AI and autonomous assets.

    Cryptocurrency investments

    The leading venture investor will explain why it is worth investing in cryptocurrencies and what investment strategy to choose in order to increase the amount of real money in the wallet.

    The report Filling the gap between crypto universe and the traditional financial world will provide information on the peculiarities of the cryptocurrency market trading, methods for entering and leaving the exchanges, as well as on how to effectively switch between the cryptocurrency and traditional markets.

    The trading issues will be also considered in the report How to succeed in cryptocurrency trading. The presentation will focus on how to trade cryptocurrencies on different platforms, control risks and distinguish successful transactions.

    Tokens and ICO

    Many companies use ICO to search for capital on the innovative ideas development. But in order to conduct a successful tokensale, it is important to know everything about the process. Overview of the ICO industry will be made in the report ICO: facts, fiction & future.

    Learn how to invest in tokens, determine their economic value and not to get on scammers from the report Looking for fundamental value in token investing.

    State and blockchain industry

    The crypto industry regulation will be considered in the reports Law and regulation: blockchain and cryptocurrencies and Review of regulatory innovations for ICO and cryptocurrency exchanges implemented in Malta. Speakers will present a general outlook on global regulation, tell which countries have the most loyal legislation for the blockchain industry, and which jurisdictions should be avoided. Special attention will be paid to the crypto market situation in the UK and Malta.

    How will smart contracts and tokens change the financial system? What is the future of the traditional model of fiat money? Get answers to these questions from the report on the related topic Tokenomics - The Future of Crypto - the Creative Destruction of the Global Financial Industry.


    Apart from presentations, conference guests will be able to enjoy lectures. Representatives of the international companies, professional traders and law experts will cover in detail the following issues:
    • How should ICO projects meet the new standards of the market?
    • How to find an investor?
    • Past, present and future of tokens and ICOs;
    • Tax implications of cryptocurrency transactions and ICO projects;
    • How to manage your business in strict compliance with the EU Data Protection legislation;
    • And other relevant topics.

    Exhibition area

    Blockchain International Show London will also feature an exhibition area. 50 companies representing the blockchain industry will show their developments. The list of products includes hardware development, blockchain-based technologies for business, home, entertainment and industrial applications.

    Attendees will be able to familiarize themselves with applications for currency exchange, payment systems, trading platforms, services for securing property rights and person identification, a platform for freelancers, VR platforms, video games.

    Hurry up and buy tickets to the largest cryptocurrency event in Europe with a promocode BIS100 for the special price 100GBP go to event! The number of tickets available at a special price is limited.

    Blockchain International Show London

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